Unique pocket watches

What is a unique pocket watch?
Pocket watch might not be the thing you see daily, but you might be surprised by the varieties of pocket watches offered. In fact, pocket watches have been one of the first time instruments in the history, therefore appearing in various forms. Pocket watch meant a transition between clocks and watches. Today pocket watches are mainly known to be worn in pockets.

In the 16th century, pocket watches first appeared in a quite special way. People used to wear them on the necklace behind their neck. Those watches were particularly unique as they were handmade, engraved and heavily decorated. Wearing it must have caught a lot of attention from passers-by.

Even today, you can find some necklace pocket watches. Today mainly women watch pocket watch necklaces, as it would be a bit uncommon to wear a giant chunk of metal around your neck. However, man can pull wearing it as well. Wearing it at a party or some dear event could give you an exclusive look. Necklace pocket watches come in different styles, there is enough options for you to pick a unique one.

What are some unique pocket watches?
Above you can find just one historic example of a rare pocket watch example. There are many more! If we go to the extreme of the spectrum, we can find some insanely expensive and unique pocket watches. One of them is Patek Philippe Grandmaster Chime Ref. 6300A-010 which has been sold for astonishing 31 million Swiss Francs at the auction in Geneva in December 2019. Of course, that is a one-of-a-kind watch and the most expensive one ever sold. They wanted to explicitly stress its uniqueness by naming it “The only One” which is also the inscription on the watch dial.

Another in the sphere of unique pocket watches comes from the manufacturer Breguet. The pocket watch is called Breguet Fils Paris2667 Precision 4 and has been made way back in the 1814. More than 200 years ago, people were already able to make some impressive engineering instruments. That is some food for thought. The watch has been sold for a whopping 4,68 million dollars in 2012. What makes this watch so uncommon are two sub-dials in the middle of the main dial. If we let some imagination in, you can even see a face, two sub-dials presenting eyes. Meanwhile you can find some modern iterations of this kind of a watch, its build quality and history is unparalleled, making this one of the most unique pocket watches.

For those who fancy bold designs and are fine with a bit more weight in their hands, can opt for a Bomberg Bolt pocket watches which stands out in many ways. What makes those watches the most unique is its shape of a bomb, as you have probably already guessed from its name. Furthermore, their pocket watches feature novel paintings of the young Swiss artist Thomas Mustaki and other unrivaled artists.

If we hold down our horses for a bit and enter a more realistic market for an average pocket watch buyer, we can still find some exceptional timepieces. Klokers offers a unique innovative design and a way of telling time. The pocket watch has no hands and could even be transformed into a wristwatch.

What are unique pocket watches for men?
The old fashioned pocket watches often look quite similar, due to their vintage styling. But don’t let that fool you. You can still find some unique pocket watches for men or even make one yourself. Well, we don’t really mean you should take out a hammer and start hitting a piece of metal until a weird pocket watch comes out. Engraving is one of the best options to make your pocket watch for men singular.

With current technology you can engrave pretty much anything anywhere on the watch. In that way, you will make a pocket watch for your men a unique and personalized gift. Throughout history, engraving was part of the process of making most of the pocket watches. The artisans have tried to make their pocket watches as extraordinary as possible and have therefore put a lot of decorative elements on it. These days, engraving is usually put on the back of the watch. It is also common to put it on the case of the hunter style pocket watch. However, in the end, the style of the engraving and its position is not that important. What will make a lasting impression on your men are the words you will put on the pocket watch. If you are more of an artistic soul, there are also some unique men pocket watches with paintings on the dials. But note those are hard to find, which makes them even more uncommon.

Having spoken about hunter style pocket watches earlier, it is worth mentioning the unique options it offers. You can find those pocket watches for men with countless motives. It can be a theme from your favourite movie, band, sportslub, national pride, you name it.

Where can unique pocket watches for me be found?
There are various marketplaces around the internet to find some special pocket watch. As you probably know, taking a look at Amazon or Ebay might already bring good results. If you don’t fancy anything there, dig deeper to find some cool niche websites selling pocket watches. Although the best option would be to discover some vintage or even antique shops. In those places you should find some forgotten timepieces that are waiting to be rediscovered and enrich your life with their history.

The Analog world is not for everyone. The smart pocket watch we wear everyday are basically our smartphones. However, there are also options to transform your smartwatch into a pocket watch. You can find accessories that can transform your Apple Watch into a pocket watch. Meanwhile Apple Watch is very common, wearing it as a pocket watch would make one extraordinary unique.

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