Silver pocket watches

What is a silver pocket watch?
Pocket watch is a traditional timepiece, which originates from the 16th century and has gained in popularity in the centuries to come, while becoming rarer since the introduction of wristwatches. Traditional silver pocket watches were handmade and often featured precious stones.

Silver pocket watches today tend to be made out of stainless steel, making them more durable than traditional ones. There are some brands that prefer to make them out of brass and apply different coating techniques to apply the silver look to them.

How are silver pocket watches different?
Obviously, silver pocket watches are different in their look compared to gold or brass pocket watches. Their look allows them to be worn on a variety of different occasions, since silver suits well to any outfit or other accessories one might be wearing.

Who wears silver pocket watches?
Nowadays, silver pocket watches are mainly worn by men, who like to stand out or want to demonstrate their superb taste for fashion. Often, gentlemen choose pocket watches on special occasions, such as anniversaries, weddings or other celebrations.

On the other hand, many fashion enthusiasts from the younger generations wear silver pocket watches on more casual occasions. They prefer to look chic on a daily basis and the modern look of the newer silver pocket watches allows them to wear the timepiece with jeans. This opens a new segment of customers for silver pocket watches for men, which was previously unknown.

A rarer sight, which has become more common in the recent years, is a woman wearing a pocket watch. Contrary to men, women like to use silver pocket watches as necklaces or stylish accessories to attach to their handbags.

A silver pocket watch is a classic timepiece that was seen with celebrities like David Beckham. With its classic look, it is a hit no matter your style.

What kind of fashion styles do silver pocket watches fit?
Pocket watches in silver are a good fit to a variety of personal styles. Rocking a suit every day? A silver pocket watch is a great fit! Like wearing a blazer but not the full formal suit? No problem, a pocket watch will complement it perfectly. Do you have a street artsy style? We are sure a pocket watch can spice it up in ways never seen before.

In short, we believe silver pocket watches can bring color to anyone, who has the imagination to make it happen. We encourage you to try it – you won’t regret it! Itero pocket watches are a great way to get started with an affordable and durable timepiece in a modern form.

Can you wear a silver pocket watch with jeans?
We believe that silver pocket watches look great with jeans. If you don’t think they are a fit, you might change your mind when learning what the small pocket on jeans is for. You guessed – for a pocket watch!

A silver pocket watch on jeans will sure attract curious looks and spur jealousy among fashion enthusiasts around you. If you love jeans, this is not a limiting factor for you to adopt the wear of pocket watches.

Are silver pocket watches a suitable gift for men?
Pocket watches make a great gift, even more so if they are personalized with an engraving to express your thoughts. They are usually given on special occasions, since they create a lasting memory of the occasion and the person gifting them.

We have all had occasions in our lives when we struggled to find the right gift for a man. Chances are that the first thing coming to your mind in such a situation is not a pocket watch, since it is not the most widespread of timepieces. Therefore, it makes for an even bigger surprise and satisfaction when you choose to gift a silver pocket watch to a man.

Silver pocket watches are a great wedding gift. Find out why an engraved pocket watch is a perfect groom wedding gift in our blog post.

What material are silver pocket watches made of?
Silver pocket watches can be made out of sterling silver, different varieties of stainless steel and plated brass. To achieve the best durability, modern silver pocket watches are usually made out of 316L stainless steel, minimizing the chance for damage or scratches.

Where to buy a silver pocket watch for men?
Silver watches for men are a classic and can be found on every step, be it online or in physical stores. When it comes to pocket watches, on the other hand, the situation is different and it is rather hard to find a quality silver pocket watch for men. While they are available on Amazon and through other online shopping platforms, they tend to look rather traditional with their hunter cases and traditional curves. Their modern counterparts are somewhat harder to find and we believe the best pieces can be found through websites of micro-brands focusing on pocket watches. Silver pocket watches can also be found in our Itero Watches store, where we are offering silver watches with both white and black dials.

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