Personalized pocket watches

What is a personalized pocket watch?
Pocket watch is not something you would see everyday. Sadly, some younger generations even struggle with grasping the concept of the pocket watch, since we are all handling with the smartest pocket watches all the time. In that view, we could argue that just owning a pocket watch is a special experience. Frankly speaking, it is so unique that makes one’s pocket watch personalized immediately.

Who personalized and engraved pocket watches back in the time?
Back in the times when there was no such thing as a wristwatch, let alone a smart watch, pocket watches were the thing. Furthermore, it didn’t mean you could go to Amazon or Ebay to buy one. At first, there was not even such a thing as Walmart for watches. First pocket watchmakers were artisans who were just very handy with crafting metal and producing fine mechanical movements. Therefore, pocket watches were made in small quantities. To be more precise, they were made on order for nobility. Because of that everyone owning a pocket watch basically had his pocket watch personalized.

Watchmakers would also often write a special dedication on the watch, so the personalization was clearly stated. That was not made just by engraving the name or initials of the one who ordered the watch, but also by special decorations. Different precious metals, colors and gemstones were used to make watches unique and therefore personalized.

What is the most famous personalized pocket watch?
One of the most famous personalized pocket watches belongs to the queen Marie-Antoinette of France which was a big watch lover. She has worn and ordered many watches at A.-L. Breguet, the founder and the holder of the name of one of the most prestigious watch brands today Breguet. While she was spending her last days in the cell, before being led to the guillotine like her husband king Louis XVI, she has even requested a simple Breguet watch to be given to her. The watch was later preserved and kept in the collection of Sir David Salomons. In 1783 she has ordered a watch at Breguet which was meant to be the most prestigious watch made at the time. The queen passed away prior to the watch being finished. However A.L. Breguet finished the watch a few years later and kept it to commemorate her loyalty to the queen.

How to personalize a pocket watch for men or women?
When it comes to personalized pocket watches for men, the easiest way is to get your pocket watch engraved. You can engrave pretty much anything, even sketches or your handwritten words. Adding that kind of personal touch will make your pocket watch extremely memorable in the eyes of men. Some watch brands like Itero already offer you to engrave for free. Even handwritten engraving can be made to personalize your pocket watch for men, free of charge.

If you want to personalize it on your own, it might be a bit more tricky. We discourage you to try to personalize your watch via engraving if you don’t have a proper toolset or skills. The best way is to get it done with laser engraving which will make the engraving in the most precise way possible without making any damage to the pocket watch casing.

Some pocket watches are personalized for men by inserting a photo on the watch dial or back. Note that it is usually hard to have a picture engraved. Especially hunter-style pocket watches are great for customization. The lid of the watch usually offers enough space to personalize your pocket watch by inserting or having a picture of your men printed on.

What are other options to personalize a pocket watch?
According to the research, people don’t really like the gifts they get. Even if they tell you so and kindly smile for your generosity. Personalization, especially if the pocket watch is engraved, makes it impossible to return your watch to the store in most of cases. But there are other options.

Another option to get a unique pocket watch without a need to engrave is by putting it in a special box. Lets be honest, you most probably won’t be wearing it every single day. If you are one of those people, you get all the respect from us. Back to the point. Your watch is probably going to be stored somewhere. Don’t let it just be left somewhere in the drawer. To make it a personalized experience, you could put it in a special box. There is a number of shops and artists who are making custom made boxes. Making one for a special pocket watch is not a problem. If you decide to engrave the pocket watch as well as putting it in a custom box, it would really make a great men gift.

Even better solution is to put your watch on a stand. There are some watch stands made out of solid wood, which can complement your living space. You could engrave anything personal on the stand if you don’t want to engrave the watch and still make it a great personalization for men or women.

What are some pocket watch personalized engravings for men?
“Most of the engraved pocket watches are sold as a gifts,” told us an experienced local watchmaker, who has been in the business for over 30 years. “Women like to buy pocket watches for their men and ask me to put some engraving on them,” he told us. It is common to engrave birthday or wedding dates. “Some people are also quite innovative when it comes to personalization,” he adds. One of his customers asked him to have a few words from a kid engraved,” he said while smiling to the anecdote.

Pocket watches also serve as wedding gifts for best man. Most often, personalization is done by engraving the date, initials of the happily married couple or even some quotes that can establish strong and lasting connection between groom and best man.

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