Minimalist pocket watches

What is minimalism and what is minimalist design?

Minimalism is an art movement that began in the second half of the 20th century in the USA. Even though today it is best known for visual arts, fashion, and interior design, minimalism is very present also in music, architecture, films, websites’ user interfaces, etc. The idea of minimalist design is to make things simple. It corresponds with the idea less is more. The designs are made simple, there are fewer colors, the point is to make the content stand out and calm down the person who interacts with minimalist design.

Who are the most famous minimalist artists?
Some famous minimalist artists include Donald Judd, Frank Stella, Agnes Martin, Yayoi Kusama, Carl Andre, Vija Celmins, Eva Hesse, Robert Morris, Anne Truitt, Terry Riley, Jack Youngerman, Richard Serra, Brice Marden, Robert Bresson, Raymond Carver, and Colin Chapman.

Why minimalist design is so popular?
The trend was born already 70 years ago but in the last decade, it became even more popular. Professionals agree that an important reason is that we are tired of the flood of information, colors, decorations, and complications. We want our lives to return back to simple and clean. During the last years, it became extremely popular also in designing user experience on websites. The rule is: the simpler-the better. It helps us to find what really matters. Everything else should be cut out.

What is a minimalist watch?
A minimalist watch is a timepiece designed according to the minimalist art movement. It has only two or three colors and simple decorations. Itero pocket watches are a great example since they are made in a three-color combination and with clean lines. Where to buy a minimalist pocket watch? If you are searching for a high-quality minimalist pocket watch our online store is the right place. The timepieces are for sale. Check our collection, find us on Instagram, Pinterest, Etsy, or Amazon. You are also welcome to read our reviews. Wherever you are you can consider Itero as “near me”. Why? Because we offer quick worldwide delivery. And what is even better, it is free! Proud owners of Itero pocket watches live all around the world from the US, Japan, Germany, Italy, France, Singapore, the UK, India, Spain, Slovenia, Australia, South Korea, New Zealand, Switzerland and other countries.

Who are the best minimalist fashion bloggers that you should follow?
Since Itero Pocket Watches are primarily meant for men here are some male fashion bloggers that can give you great tips for minimalist essentials that your wardrobe should include. Brock deHaven says, for him minimalism means quality over quantity. This point of view can be applied also to other aspects of life like friend, jobs etc. He also points out that he loves the fact that most of the minimalist clothes can be easily combined. Jordan Bunker gets his amazing outfit inspirations on Pinterest and old magazines but at the same time he avoids what has already been done. Mads Keilberg is more keen on Scandinavian style. As he says he gets inspired on the streets of Stockholm and in his Instagram community. Can you already see yourself with a cool Swedish outfit and a piece of minimalist jewelry - a necklaces and an amazing pocket watch?

Who are the best minimalist fashion youtubers that you should follow?
Alex Costa’s channel is a true millennials manual covering a variety of topics such as men’s fashion, grooming, lifestyle, and more. Brian Sacawa is the go-to person for luxury formalwear advice. On his channel Spoke Style you will find tips on what makes a boy a gentleman. The third man that you should check is Mayank Bhattacharya. He is currently one of the coolest India’s fashion youtubers.

What are the most trending minimalist watch brands?
Minimalist watches are lately becoming more and more popular. There are some watch brands that are particularly trending and some brands that created this trend - many professionals agree that Daniel Wellington is one of them. They are known for their clean style and amazing marketing. Another brand that is all over social media is MVMT Watches. They have contemporary design and high quality construction. Instrmnt is for those who want to look elegant and simple at the same time. All of those are wrist watches. When it comes to minimalist pocket watches the choice is easy - Itero.

What are the best minimalist gift ideas?
It is something special to search for a gift for those who want their stuff to be simple. You can gift them a grey notebook or a black tie. You can give them a nice white sweater or dark blue socks. If that person likes beautiful and simple accessories Itero Watch might be the best one.

What is Itero Pocket Watch like?
It is a mechanical pocket watch with 2-hand quartz movements manufactured by Swiss Ronda, sapphire crystal, it is 8mm thin, covered by 44mm stainless steel case. Every watch comes with a steel chain. What color palette do we offer? You can choose between 5 color combinations of our pocket watches. Gold and white-Midas white, gold and black-Midas black, silver and white-Platinum white, silver and black-Platinum black, and bronze and black-Midnight bronze. You can see the pictures in our collections.

How to wear a pocket watch?
Itero pocket watches can be used in everyday life in a pocket of your jeans. If you don’t know which pocket do we have in mind, check this article. Moreover, they can be used on special occasions. They are a perfect accessory for a suit or vest. And what to do when you don’t wear it? You can put it on its amazing wooden stand on your table. 

How to make a minimalist office?
If you are lucky enough you can decorate your office your way. Why don’t you make it a place with style? Make it a place where you feel comfortable and your visitors say Wow! First step: Get rid of all the unnecessary stuff including all the documents that you don’t need. If it is possible keep them only in digital form or at least put them into a map or a drawer. Throw away also all the promotional stuff that you have got and all the souvenirs that you actually don’t like. At this point there should be only a computer, a notebook and a pen on your table. Second step: Clean everything up. There is no place for dust in a beautiful office. Third step: Get a minimalist decoration. It can be a flower, a framed photography of your favorite place or - you guessed it - Itero watch on its stand. It really goes well with a minimalist office and we can guarantee your visitor will say “Wow!”.

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