Gold pocket watches

Why modern gold pocket watch?
Why choosing a pocket watch since you can use your smartphone to check the time? Smartphones are very convenient but they can be addictive and distract you from what really matters. Have you heard the joke that we live in a time of smartphones and dumb people? Has it happened to you that while you were focused on your work or listening to your loved ones you just wanted to check the time and then you saw a notification and lost your focus for the next 10 minutes? Well, you can solve this problem with a watch.

Pocket watch and chain or wristwatch?
Why choosing a pocket watch over a wristwatch? Because in the past 70 years wristwatches became so mainstream that most people will not even notice you are wearing one. A modernly designed pocket watch on the other hand can not be overseen. It is made to impress. You can wear it in a pocket or place it on our amazing wooden stand.

Since the beginning of our civilization, gold color has always been perceived as the color of success, triumph, quality, luxury, prestige, value, elegance, and wealth. Gold is linked to masculine energy and the power of the sun. It is warm and eye-catching, drawing attention to itself. From the point of view of the psychology of colors, gold is also generous, compassionate, and loving. Last but not least, it is the color of the winners. They always get gold medals. If you want to read more about the psychology of colors, visit this website.

Furthermore, the gold color is not too difficult to combine with your outfit. It is a good idea to wear a gold pocket watch with casual or smart clothes but you are quite flexible when it comes to color. It always looks stunning with black, blue, red, grey, white, and some other colors.

What types of pocket watches are there?
There are antique and modern pocket watches. When it comes to cover there are four types: full hunter, double hunter, double half hunter and open face. Itero watches are open-faced. That makes them even more attractive and convenient. And there is no reason to worry about their durability. They are covered by high-quality sapphire glass. Even though traditionally pocket watches are analogue there are also digital ones available on the market.. There are also different types of movements. From mechanical, manual and automatic to hybrid and quartz. Itero Watches use Swiss-made quartz movement.

Where to find and buy a new gold pocket watch and chain?
Now that you know how many types of pocket watches are there you probably imagine that there must be many vendors and you could easily get lost in search for the best deal. You can buy a pocket watch from your local watch vendor. Even though they usually mostly sell wristwatches, they should have pocket watches for sale too. If you prefer to buy online you can search on ecommerce platforms such as Amazon or eBay. If you are searching for more unique timepieces check Etsy. In case you already know what brand to buy it is usually the best idea to visit their own website so you get updated information and the best price. You can also search for a more detailed guide on how to buy a pocket watch.

What about the price? How much are they worth? Can they be considered an investment?
The most expensive pocket watch ever sold cost 23,237,000 CHF (US$23.98 million). It was , sold in 2014 on auction in Geneva. Meanwhile the cheapest ones are being sold for less than US$5. The price mostly depends on the quality and brand. Pocket watches can also be considered as an investment. The investment can gain monetary value and can later be sold for more money. Moreover it can also be passed from father to son and this way it can become a priceless memory.

Who buys and wears gold pocket watches?
Pocket watches are mostly worn by men. And usually they are not for average ones. They are for the people with style. It doesn’t mean you can wear them only with a suit. They go well with a casual outfit too, but if you want to look really stunning it should be combined with nice clothing. Even though they are meant for gentlemen our timepieces are often bought by ladies. It is an ideal gift for an anniversary, birthday or just to show a man that he is something special to them. If you want to upgrade your style or impress your loved one check or collection. There are gold, silver and bronze pocket watches with black or white dial.

How long will a pocket watch last?
Itero watches are made to last. That’s why they are made out of stainless steal, run by Swiss Ronda movement and covered by scratch-resistant sapphire crystal - the third toughest mineral on earth. In case something special would happen Itero Watches have a one-year warranty. However, If pocket watches are taken care of, they are supposed to last much longer than human lives. That’s why they were traditionally passed from generation to generation.

What will I get in the box?
You have seen the photos of stunning modernly designed timepieces but still, what will you actually get once you order your timepiece? Itero Watches come in a box, with a chain and instructions for use. If you choose this option you will get also a wooden pocket watch stand  made specially for Itero. The watch has Swiss quartz movement, sapphire crystal and a stainless steel chain. You can also personalize it by engraving a picture, logo, text, handwriting or something else on the backside of the watch. And there if no extra fees for that.

How to clean and polish a gold pocket watch?
Itero Watches can easily be cleaned and polished because they are water-resistant and made out of durable materials. You don’t really need any expensive cleaning products. First wipe it down using a soft towel. Then dip it into warm soapy water and gently scrub it. Once finished dry it with a soft cloth and it will shine again. If your don’t own an Itero Watch make sure it is water-resistant before cleaning it or, even better, get one.

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