Engraved pocket watches

Where to buy an engraved or engravable men’s pocket watch and chain? What about the price?
You can choose between getting an engravable or engraved pocket watch. If you decide you are going to engrave it yourself or find an engraver nearby you can buy any model you like. You can buy an engraved pocket watch in the US, UK, Kenya, Australia, South Africa, Canada, India, Ireland or wherever you live. Go to a local store or search for it online. An important thing to bear in mind is that the material needs to be appropriate and that there is a surface big enough to place your preferred engraving. The materials that are most commonly engraved are stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, copper, brass, silver, gold and platinum.

If you want someone to engrave the timepiece for you we have great news. You might expect that a luxury like personalized engraving is related to a very high price but there's no reason to worry. Our experienced experts can do it for you for free! All the cases of our timepieces are made out of stainless steel which is very convenient. Furthermore, the backside surface is relatively large and plain so it is perfect to be engraved. In the collection page you can see the color combinations: Gold, silver, black, white and bronze. It is little details that make the difference with a gift by Itero Watches. By taking care of every detail we ensure that our work is going to impress you and people around you and make the occasion and the memory special. Our timepieces are beautifully presented in a box, packed with a chain (a watch stand), instructions and warranty document.

What to write on engraved pocket watches for men:  A husband, groom, father, dad, grandpa, son, boyfriend, father of the bride or best man?
Did you decide you will give a memorable personalized gift? That’s awesome. You can put on a logo, photo, picture, text and even handwriting! What to engrave usually depends on the available space, the occasion and personal preferences. Is it for a father, retired employee, boyfriend, husband, groom, best man or somebody else? The text looks better if it is short. It can be a name, important date, short quote, special song or something else. If the watch is a corporate gift the engraving usually contains the name or the logo of the company, the recipient's name and if it is a retirement gift also the date of retirement or the number of years that a person worked there. If it is a personal gift the text can include the giver’s name, the recipient’s name, the description of the occasion and the date. Sometimes only the initials are engraved just to prove the ownership in case of loss or theft. Keep in mind that usually the message looks better if it is shorter. You can shorten the names and put for example Cliff instead of Clifton. If a person has more names you can skip the middle name and engrave only the first name. Here are some ideas for the quotes and messages that you can use: “To the best father”, “Happy birthday”, “I love you”, “If Kisses were stars, I'd give you the sky”, "Our love is timeless.", "I love every second with you.", "The best time is yet to come.", You are being promoted. To grandpa!” You can get more ideas from Pinterest or from your heart.

The message is selected. What are the next steps towards a beautiful personalized modern engraved pocket watch?
Once the message is ready the font needs to be selected. If it is a gift for him you should bear in mind that the font should look as masculine as possible. Another option is to engrave a handwriting. It can be more meaningful than the most beautiful font on your computer. The next step is to choose a layout. We recommend placing the engraving into the center of the backside of the timepiece. It looks good to leave some space on the borders also because there are some technical specifications already written. Now your design should be ready to make your modern timepiece also personalized.

What are the engraving options?
There are three options:

Vector graphic: If you want your design/logo/name/quote etc. to appear exactly as you wish, you should send us the following two files to business@iterowatch.com: A graphic in a vector format (e.g. files in SVG, EPS, PDF format) The engravable area is a circle with a diameter of 29 mm

Text: Send us your name/nickname/quote, or whatever you wish to have engraved, along with your font choice to our email address business@iterowatch.com or write them in the "Comment to order" section at checkout

[NEW] Handwriting: Please send us a picture of the handwritten text/sketch to business@iterowatch.com The picture should be on a clean background to allow for the best results. We will prepare a preview of the engraving and send it to you for your confirmation

What are some occasions to give an engraved timepiece?
Engraving is one of the most unique, memorable and lasting ways to dedicate a luxury timepiece. Our happy customers tend to give engraved watches for men for father's day, retirement, wedding, birthday, Christmas or new years eve. Personalization makes it a thing to remember. It symbolizes that a relationship or a memory is going to last. Mens pocket watch engraved shows the person that he is something special and irreplaceable. It gives sense and meaning to a gift.

What is better - Laser or mechanical engraving? How does it work?
There are two main techniques used for engraving on watches. Laser and mechanical engraving. Our experts use the latter. In this technique, a laser beam is focused on the back surface of the watch by means of mirrors and lenses. The beam moves over the surface using the axis system. The strong heat marks the surface and creates an engraving. The main advantage over the mechanical technique is that much finer details can be depicted. When talking about very small surfaces like watches that is crucial.

What are some pocket watch engraving information to bear in mind?
Let’s begin with the best. Just to remind you, at Itero we offer the option of free engraving!

The back side of the pocket watch is the most appropriate area.

Once you order the design it usually can not be changed because our experts start working as soon as possible in order for you to get the watch in the shortest time.

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