Black pocket watches

What is a black pocket watch?
Pocket watches come in various colors. Historically, most of the watches have been made in silver or gold color. That comes from the fact that those watches were made from the metal. Silver or gold metal gave those watches a nice shiny look, which was welcome, as it has emphasized its glamour. Apart from that, back then sustainable black color was just not available.

Throughout the time, that has of course changed. Today there are many black pocket watches on the market, thanks to new technologies. The easiest way to produce a timepiece in a black color is by making it in black plastic. But no-one wants a plastic pocket watch, right?

Well, there certainly are some black plastic watches to be found, however they are fragile. You don’t want to take that risk. Metal casing provides maximum safety for your pocket watch and also significantly increases its weight. There are many different ways of applying a black color on your watch. It is important to note that the type of the procedure can drastically influence the longevity of the color.

Some pocket watches are simply sprayed with a black color. That makes them very affordable, but don’t expect it to last long. A few scratches and the color will be gone. We don’t suggest you to buy this kind of pocket watches.

The other procedure is plating the watch case with black color. It will deliver better results, although the color will wear of after some time. Presumably this is not how you want your watch to look like.

Most of the pocket watches in a higher price bracket will offer PVD plating. PVD utilizes a titanium nitride and therefore guarantees higher durability. To sum up, this is the option you will be safe with.

If you are a man looking for a superb black pocket watch, there are better options available. When it comes to coating, the best option is DLC black treatment. DLC stands for Diamond-like carbon and provides great protection. In usage, it can be harder than a diamond. But we must not forget to mention that this is a more costly procedure, so you will be able to find this kind of coating only on a few watches in the high-end range.

One of the trendy use of black color in watches is also carbon. Those watches are ultra-light and have a distinctive look and feel. However, you won’t be able to find many men pocket watches in this kind of material. To be honest, there is not much reason for it anyway, as weight is mostly not considered to be a problem with pocket watches.

Lastly, black watches can also be made of wood. There are certain wood colors that give darker look, such as wenge or ebony. Again, it is highly unlikely you will find those materials on a pocket watch. Most probably it will be oak or walnut treated with black color. Meanwhile the coloring will probably not be perfect, the wood will definitely give some pleasant feel while holding your pocket watch in your hand.

Black watches for men can be bought on most of the watch marketplaces online. But note that black is not the first color to be associated with pocket watches. Those would be silver and gold, however black color will give your watch a distinctive look. It is a perfect gift for men!

Lets meet some cool black pocket watches. We can’t pass by without mentioning Panerai PAM 446. It is a Tourbillon GMT watch in a 59mm case. The watch casing is made out of ceramic. Yep, you got that right. Not many watches are made in ceramic, let alone pocket watches. However the matt black color gives it a unique look. Thinking it would be a good gift for men? It has a hefty price tag of around 150.000€. 

Next in line would be Bamberg. The good news is that most of their watches in the line are in black color. If you don’t fancy wearing a watch in your hand or pocket, you can put it on a strap and make it a wristwatch. Compared to Panerai ceramic, this one is a more flashy one, offering various colorful dials. These pocket watches are also way more affordable, starting with 800 Swiss Francs for a one with Quartz movement.

When it comes to black colored watch dials, there are some more options. Even the mighty Patek Philippe released some models with black dials. For example the Freccero line. We believe it is a stunner and that every many men would put it in their pockets.

But lets move to a bit lower price segment. Those are the watches most of us are looking for anyway. On Amazon you can find some cool watches with Batman theme. That is just an example, there are countless different motives you can find your black pocket watch in.

Another great idea is also gifting pocket watches at your wedding. It is always hard to find some good gifts for men. A pocket watch is a great fashion statement and custom engraving will make it even more memorable. The black suit makes it a great combo.

Meanwhile such color could make it more appealing for some, note that readability of the dial is also important. If there is no lume, you might struggle to read time from a far distance. On the other hand, the black face of the watch could make it look awesome on your watch stand. Certain wood colors play well with darker colors.

Finding the right black pocket watch might be an issue. However, if you dig deeper, you will always find some fine timepieces that should meet your high requirements. Just don’t forget about patience. We are talking about time nonetheless.

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